Tooth malpositioning and the need to solve it has been around for many years. It is often thought that it is only an aesthetic issue, when the truth is that having a bad occlusion (bite) affects breathing, chewing and even speech. At aesthetic level, it is known that the first impact a person gives says a lot about herself, therefore a correct alignment of the teeth is a completely necessary subject. Today, a beautiful smile brings safety, self-esteem, presence, …

Orthodontics allows us to correct malocclusions, improving masticatory function, and thus achieve an harmonious and aesthetic mouth with a pleasant smile.

It is advisable to take children to the orthodontist at an early age in order to correct and control oral habits: swallowing, digital suction, pacifier … As well to detect important dental and skeletal alterations at an early stage and correct them easily.

There is no age limit to follow an orthodontic treatment: the teeth can be corrected at any age. Currently many of the patients who benefit from an orthodontic treatment are adults.

Although the purpose is mainly an improvement of the masticatory and aesthetic function, society in general has been a little reluctant to use this type of treatment because of personal image issues while taking orthodontic treatments. Often you want to have your teeth aligned without the correction process being too flashy. It is at this moment where aesthetic orthodontics come into play.

At the Sabatés Dental Clinic we offer different types of orthodontic treatments, according to each patient needs:

Orthopedics and removable orthodontics

Maxillary orthopedics help bone development through aparotology for correct growth of bone bases. Skeletal and dental alterations of growing children are corrected.

Fixed orthodontics (brackets)

The best known orthodontics are conventional brackets, which can be metallic or aesthetic. The aesthetic brackets, such as the sapphire ones, blend with the color of the teeth, making them more discreet.

Removable invisible orthodontics

It is a transparent orthodontics manufactured exclusively for each patient with splints. It has the advantage of being removable, so it can be removed to wash the teeth, with the added comfort and hygiene that this implies for the person who wears it.

What kind of orthodontics is better?

The type of orthodontics is determined by the properties of each person and the type of malocclusion. Between the first and second visit we will carry out a study that, according to the characteristics of the teeth, jaw, palate, occlusion, etc., will determine the best treatment to follow. The orthodontic treatment is painless, therefore it does not require anesthesia.

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