Periodontics is the dental specialty responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the issues that surround and hold the teeth to the jaws (gingiva, periodontal ligament, root cement and alveolar bone).

The main cause of periodontal diseases are the bacteria that proliferate in the mouth and that are deposited in the teeth and gums. Tissue injuries can occur when the number of bacteria excessively increases. There are also aggravating factors such as tobacco and some diseases, such as diabetes, among others.

They can cause inflammation and gums bleeding, and in the most severe case, can lead to teeth loss.

The involvement of periodontal diseases develops in different phases, in which there is a progressively loss of dental support tissues and increases tooth sensitivity, therefore, it is appreciated when chewing or when drinking cold / hot drinks:

Healthy gum - Periodontics, Sabatés Dental Clinic

Healthy gum

Gingivitis - Periodoncia, Clínica Dental Sabatés


Periodontitis inicial- Periodoncia, Clínica Dental Sabatés

Initial periodontitis

Periodontitis moderada - Periodoncia, Clínica Dental Sabatés

Moderate periodontitis

Periodontitis severa - Periodoncia, Clínica Dental Sabatés

Severe periodontitis


A correct daily oral hygiene is essential (to eliminate bacterial plaque and tartar formation) and to complement it with regular visits to the dentist.


Gingivitis is the first phase of periodontal disease. In this phase the bacteria causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums, but the tissues that hold the tooth are not yet affected. If this initial situation is not treated, it will evolve towards periodontitis.

Gingivitis is reversible with medical treatment and accurate oral hygiene.


Periodontitis is a more advanced phase of periodontal disease, in which bacteria enter between the teeth and the gum, producing an inflammatory process and causing the destruction of the tissues and bone that support the teeth. Retraction or gum deformation visibly occurs, and usually affectation is generalized to all the teeth. If it is not treated in time, teeth loss can occur.

Periodontitis can be controlled, but it is difficult to recover lost bone, therefore it is very important to detect it as soon as possible. Once the periodontal disease has been treated initially, a control program must be followed to maintain the results of the initial treatment and prevent the disease from reactivating.

When to request a periodontics visit?

If you are not yet our patient, and you notice some of these symptoms (bad smelling breath, bad taste in the mouth, sensitivity to cold and / or heat, your gums bleed, you see changes in teeth positions or that they look longer, or you notice your teeth are moving), come to our clinic and we will assist you as you deserve !

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