L'alcalde Jordi Ballart va bridar per l'èxit de la Clínica Dental Sabatés

Carles Sabatés, a 21st Century dentist

– Article published on 01/27/2017 in MónTerrassa (elmon.cat) / Photographs by Cristóbal Castro – (you can see the original clicking on this link)

Carles Sabatés al seu despatx
Carles Sabatés in his office

Carles Sabatés Torres has worked in Vic and Campdevànol, has studied in Catalonia, Galicia, Cuba and the United States, and has decided now to return home, to Terrassa. The result is The Sabatés Dental Clinic, on the street of Prim 88, local 7 (Segle XXI Park) -cdsabates@gmail.com and 615638179-.

L'alcalde Jordi Ballart va brindar per l'èxit de la Clínica Dental sabatés
Mayor Jordi Ballart provided for the Sabatés Dental Clinic success

Carles Sabatés offers personalized and trusted treatment in a comfortable environment. A place where the patient’s welfare is the most important thing and where all specialties are covered.

Televisions are among this new space surprising details. So far, nothing new, because it is a device that can be found in other dental offices. But in this case they are placed on the ceiling, and patients can enjoy the screen while receiving treatment.

Un dels detalls més impactants, la "tele" al sostre
One of the most shocking details, the TV on the ceiling

The clinic was inaugurated on January 13th, with the presence of Terrassa’s Mayor Jordi Ballart and the Councilor Amadeu Aguado, among other city personalities. All the rooms were filled and visitors could discover this new modern health center with a 21st century design.

L'alcalde de Terrassa Jordi Ballart i el regidor Amadeu Aguado amb Carles Sabatés
The Mayor of Terrassa Jordi Ballart and the Councilor Amadeu Aguado with Carles Sabatés

Carles always wanted to work in health and attention to the people, since he was a child, and the options were Medicine and Dentistry. And he chose. “I do not regret it. I do what I like, and now in my own place and located in a privileged place of Terrassa”.

Gran ambient el dia de la inauguració
Great atmosphere on the inauguration day

Graduated in Dentistry (in Santiago de Compostela) with masters in implants (Higher School of Implantology of Barcelona) and oral rehabilitation (University of Barcelona) this young terrasense (41 years old) has archery among his great hobbies. He has been Catalonia’s champion and has made podiums in national championships.

The words of Carles Sabatés about what his clinic offers are very clear: “We want patients to feel at home. They are not a number, they are people, and we care about them and their health, which is the most important. We are always at their side to treat them and, advise them if needed. Patient’s trust, in my opinion, is essential.”

NAME: Clínica Dental Sabatés

PLACE: street of Prim 88, local 7 (Park Segle XXI)

MAIL: cdsabates@gmail.com

PHONE: 615638179